Hello, I'm Andrew Wrenn

I’m a British Wheel of Yoga trained Teacher with influences from the Iyengar and Astanga traditions which I have developed into a unique fusion of breath coordinated movement and classical postures which promote strength, flexibility and balance, culminating in a practice adaptable to all abilities.

I teach Yoga for all ages and abilities

I specialize in Yoga for breathing and breath-related conditions such as asthma, and also Yoga for stress and anxiety-related issues.

Corporate Yoga

Why not join the growing list of corporate clients who have found that Yoga relieves a stressful day and refreshes the mind. This may be as a weekly de-stress class after office hours or during the lunchtime or to create a unique ‘time out’ during business delegations or conferences.

Since the late nineties I have maintained a daily practice which has had a profoundly positive effect upon my physical and mental well-being.

Andrew lotus

Having a background based in biology and a interest in different philosophical systems I discovered the benefits of Yogic practice in my early 30’s. As a life-long asthmatic I turned to the yogic breathing techniques when my doctor prescribed stronger medication for the condition.¬†Instead of increasing the medication I am now almost totally free from the symptoms and medication.

I am continuing to develop my practice and understanding of the principles and philosophy of yoga by exploring different approaches such as studying kalari piat (a yoga based martial art) and attending retreats lead by international teacher Clive Sheridan.

Drop Me a Line

If you want to find out more about me, or book a class with me or Francesca, get in touch using the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.